About us

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How did we get here?

SalesOps.io was born out of seeing first-hand the struggles of early stage executives and revenue leaders when they sought to design and implement the operational building blocks necessary to grow and scale.

With a background of leading high-growth go-to-market operations teams in house, our founder, Michael Ingram, was frequently sought out for his foundational knowledge around process, tools, and analytics for revenue teams. As a result, SalesOps.io was started in 2015 with the mission of helping these leaders solve these critical operational challenges.

In 2018 we launched the first iteration of our expert network, since then we have grown our community to >1,000 active revenue operations experts.

Today, SalesOps.io’s expertise has expanded to help marketing and customer success teams excel in their operations as well.

Our in-house team is bolstered by a talented network of operations professionals who offer their time on a fractional or full time basis to ensure the success of our clients.

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Meet the leadership team

Kevin Kluck

Head of Client Delivery

Kevin has over a decade of experience in Big 4 Consulting and Revenue/Finance B2B SaaS operations. From consulting with multinational corporations to coaching founders of newly created startups, Kevin has the ability to add strategic value to any project. Kevin’s specific areas of expertise include Deal Desk, Sales Operations, and Customer Experience Operations within SaaS Technology (Seed – Newly Public).

Michael Ingram

Founder / CEO

Michael has been leading and managing revenue operations teams for over a fifteen years. His depth of real-world experience makes him a great partner in identifying candidates’ skill sets and matching them with companies in need of expertise. With a broad network and experience across a variety of industries, Michael is in your corner to help solve complex business challenges and take the pain of revenue operations off of your plate.

Patricia Riegel

Head of Recruitment & Community Engagement

With over a decade of experience, Patricia is a well connected and well versed Talent Partner, who thrives on building and fostering strong and meaningful connections. Having recruited in both corporate and agency settings, she understands the importance of sourcing and matching top talent for established corporations or early-stage start-ups. If you are looking to make your first Ops hire or need an extra set of eyes on your search, please reach out.

Our Values

  • Embrace an entrepreneurial spirit. Own it.

  • Collaborate towards better solutions.

  • Take action. Don’t be afraid of calculated risk.

  • Connect people and experience.

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Ready to join the network?

We are accepting applications from analyst to VP level and across all go-to-market operations functions: marketing, sales, revenue, customer service, etc.

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