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Operational experience relevant to your business needs

  • B2B Experience 98%
  • SaaS Experience 93%
  • 4+ Years Of Ops Experience 84%
  • KPI Development & Measurement 75%
  • Sales Process & Stage Development 75%
  • Revenue Tools Configuration 68%
  • Healthtech 68%
  • PE/Financial Services 42%
  • Advertising/Adtech 41%
  • Retail and DTC 38%
  • Education 19%
  • Industrials/Manufacturing 9%

RevOps done different

  • Experts from Analyst to VP
  • Match You with the Best Fit
  • Pattern Recognition = Fast Solutions
  • Deep Industry Expertise
  • Knows Your Tech
  • Experts Dedicated Resources Analyst to VP
  • Curated Match
  • Supports Full-Time Hiring
  • 3 Month Minimums
  • 20 Hour per Month Minimums

Other Partners

  • Junior Admin Leads Delivery
  • Staff Whoever has Capacity
  • Inexperience with Your GTM Motion = Slow Solutions
  • Generalists
  • Pushes the Tech They Know
  • Changing Personnel
  • You Review 40 Resumes
  • Sell More Consulting
  • 12 Month Minimums
  • $10K per Month Minimums

The only fully-vetted revenue operations expert network

Our experienced talent team thoroughly reviews every candidate prior to joining the network. With a less than 5% acceptance rate and a 70+ question screening survey, we gather an understanding of experience, skills, enthusiasm, and personality traits to best match your business with a successful operations placement.

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Marketing Automation and RevOps Expert

Industries of Focus: SaaS, Financial Services, Manufacturing, and Transportation Management

Tools Experience: HubSpot and Salesforce Sales Cloud and Account Engagement

GTM Systems & RevOps Analyst

Industries of Focus: SaaS, Finance (including FinTech), and MarTech

Tools Experience: Salesforce, HubSpot, DOMO, ZoomInfo, and more.

Nicole Ciepiela RevOps and Business Intelligence Expert
RevOps and Business Intelligence Expert

Industries of Focus: AI, InfoSec, Manufacturing, Services

Tools Experience: Salesforce, Tableau, Hubspot, Marketo, Outreach, LeanData, Gong, Highspot, Seismic, 6sense, BoostUp, Cloudingo

RevOps Strategy and Analytics Expert

Industries of Focus: AI, Data, Cyber, Enterprise Software, Federal Government

Tools Experience: Salesforce, BigQuery/Snowflake, BI

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